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This website started out as both a means of keeping my personal notes online and a public resource for my students and friends.  Over time, it has grown large enough to offer publicly as a crude and developing information resource.  Several motivations have factored into this:

  • First, this is an attempt to catalog the information I acquired seeking various basic industry certifications. When I sought and acquired the Comptia A+, Network+, Linux+ and Security+ certifications I placed what I learned here. When I sought and acquired the MCSE, MCSA and MCP certifications I placed what I learned here. When I sought and acquired the Cisco CCNA certification I placed what I learned here. Instead of providing mock test questions that enhance your skills at selecting multiple choice questions on exams but are otherwise useless for daily life, I have strived to create videos covering basic practical skills that you would need on a daily basis when working with Linux, Active Directory, Cisco Routers and Switches, Firewalls and Security and PC Repair. My endeavor is far from complete and there is still so much more I need to learn, but I have decided to share with you the very tiny little bit that I do know. The rabbit hole goes so much deeper - I have barely scratched the surface.

  • Second, I desire to give back to the many unselfish and generous benefactors that have provided me with much needed information over the years. I am a firm believer in Open Source, the GNU General Public License and the GNU Manifesto. Linux is absolutely one of the most beautiful collaborative endeavors mankind has ever produced! When I have lost my faith in humanity Linux reminds me that there is something good out there, something unselfish and unlimited that can't be bought or sold - a force mightier than corporate greed and personal prejudice. The GNU, Linux, Open Source and Richard Stallman's revolutionary Free Software Movement has become a philosophy I have adopted that can be summed up in the words of a famous historical figure - “Freely you have received, now freely give”. (Jesus, The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 10, verse 8) With Linux freely we receive the fruit of countless people's labor, and freely we must contribute back to the community somehow, in whatever way we can. This then, is an attempt to repay the debt I owe to the thousands of open source, unselfish and generous volunteers that have helped me with their websites and news groups and "HowTos" and tutorials and source code and operating systems and tools and programs and advice over the years. They have all collectively been my teachers. So many of us would be lost without their selfless contributions. We all collectively owe these people our gratitude and we use their blood, sweat and tears every day. I hope in some meager way to pay their kindness forward.

  • Third, I can not satiate my curiosity and wonder concerning computing technology, and like a virus I desire to reproduce this curiosity in others. I have met and hope to meet many more kindred spirits along the way. The rabbit hole just gets deeper.

  • Fourth, under the GNU PL and Documentation License, knowledge can be made available to everyone, not just a privileged few. Sharing is BETTER than hoarding. No one who has the desire to learn and better themselves should be prevented from doing so because of economics, class, race, sex, nationality or any other demographic - period. Share the knowledge. Who knows what we might accomplish together? I naively hope that as information is made freely available to all on our planet we might find another Linus Torvalds, another Nicholas Tesla, another Einstein, another Hawking. A cure for cancer? A new source of energy? Who knows? Revolutionary discovery and innovation can come from the most unlikely places. What is to be gained by keeping the masses in ignorance and hoarding knowledge among only a select few? And so in the simple action of sharing information we all benefit. Long live Wikipedia! Long live YouTube! Long live Google!

It has taken years to accumulate this information, and it will never be finished.  As far as the progress goes, there are typographical errors, errata and many sections that are unformatted or still in need of development. In fact, many sections are just junk right now and the whole site lacks any artistic ability. I hope in spite of this you find something useful here and that I am able to share with you what others have shared with me.

If you would like to post some of your material on this site, or if you are interested in editing it or improving the way it looks or correcting sections, that would be greatly appreciated.  I am developing sections for that purpose.  Include your full name if you post source submissions so you can receive credit.  Please submit errata, suggestions, (all superfluous spider-generated SPAM) and corrections to the address below.


Best regards,

C. Germany